Resurrection Baptist Church

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Church History

Our FIrst Church Home
Chapel of the Chimes                  Hayward, California
Pastor’s Robert Charles, Leon McDaniels,  Paul McKery, Lester Canon, Jesse Davis, and Maurice Bates.

Resurrection Baptist Church was ordained of God in eternity past, and brought into being through the obedience of Pastor Paul A. W. McKery.  It was due to a life changing, ministry adjusting event that God lead him to launch the Resurrection Baptist Church. Though at this time the church had not yet been established Pastor McKery was faithful and committed to hold the flock together that had experienced, and been treated so badly that a need arose for Bible study and prayer meeting. This was urgent and because the  Lord had not lead Pastor McKery to launch the church yet the body of believers that were following him were spiritually homeless. After no longer being able to meet at Chapel of The Chimes, things became more difficult.  We were allowed to worship and hold prayer meeting in the home of one of our very committed members for a brief time before we had to relocate again. The church was homeless again, but only for a short period.

Bishop J. W. Macklin
Glad Tidings COGIC                                    Hayward, California

As Pastor McKery prayed, and searched for a place to worship, and hold Bible study and prayer meeting he didn’t become discouraged after being turned down and away or asked to pay outrageous prices by many churches, or organizations in the area.

The Lord lead him to Glad Tidings COGIC of Hayward, California where he shared his story with Bishop J. W. Macklin. Bishop Macklin immediately opened his heart, soul, facility resources, and finances to Pastor McKery for over a year as he prayed and strived to seek Gods will for his life, and the faithful group of people that were following and relying on him for Christian leadership.

The church was finally launched with the blessings, counsel, and prayers of Pastors’ Lester Cannon, Jesse Davis, Maurice Bates, Robert Charles, Dion Evans, and Leon McDaniel. We are grateful to God for their assistance, friendship, and fellowship.

The divine concept of birthing the new church was at Chapel of the Chimes Graveyard of Hayward, California in the Mission Chapel. It was there that the Lord placed it on Pastor McKery’s heart to fast and pray. After a number months of studying the Word, teaching, and preaching the Word of God, he struggled and waited on confirmation from God.

RBC was launched at Shiloh Baptist Church on Sunday January 11, 2009 at 5:08 PM in the year of our Lord. Many souls were in attendance to witness, and become charter members of the Lord’s new church.  It was a joyous occasion.  The Lord really blessed and we are grateful and thankful to Pastor Jesse Davis and the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church for allowing RBC to be birthed there.  On the following Sunday January 18, 2009 forty - three people united with the newly launched church. On Sunday February 10, 2009 - The Rev. Paul A. W. McKery was installed as Resurrection Baptist Church’s first Pastor - Teacher.

The church currently worships, prays, studies, and fellowships at the East Bay Baptist Association Ministry Center located at 1221 Pacific Avenue in San Leandro, California where they share a building with another ministry on Sunday mornings. RBC is praying and seeking the Lord’s will for a worship, study, and fellowship facility where souls can be saved, saints can be ushered into the presence, will, and work of the kingdom of God. 

Our Second Church 
Hayward, California




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